7 Web Development Trends to Watch for in 2018

7 Web Development Trends to Watch for in 2018

Are you looking for a fresh website in 2018? Here are the web development trends to look for as you contemplate your own website design.

Web development trends

Having a strong web presence is about more than buying a domain name.

It means you have to create an interesting website and expand its reach with the help of digital marketing. This might sound simple enough, but there are multiple elements at work to make it happen.

For example, there are many web development trends to pick from as you re-brand or start a website from scratch.

With the new year around the corner, here are the most popular (and effective) ones to watch for in 2018.

1. Responsive Web Building

The value of a mobile-optimized website is nothing new.

But, it is still worth mentioning. If you’re not yet caught up with the times, this should be your number one priority when it comes to implementing web development trends in 2018.

Why? Because mobile online browsing has surpassed desktop usage.

In other words, more people are using tablets and smartphones to get on your website. They will likely leave it if it’s only built for a desktop, which causes navigation issues and makes loading a pain.

Consider every aspect that can improve your load times beyond responsive design.

For example, try to switch some of your graphics over to SVG images.

SVG stands for scalable vector graphics. Using this over a standard image (like JPEG or PNG) ensures your logos, photos, and graphics look their best, no matter what size screen they’re displayed on.

SVGs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to visually-pleasing web development trends, though.

2. Flat Design

Another aesthetic to watch out for in 2018 is the use of flat design.

Flat design is a simple approach to web building, but it has a timeless appeal that is hard to deny. The two main goals of this tool are function and form.

Function means pages will load faster and the website as a whole should perform better on SEO. This is thanks to the minimalistic form used when adding visuals.

Some companies worry flat design will result in a boring interface, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

The key to using this tool successfully is to create an engaging experience with less clutter. Instead of having photos to load and multiple graphics to make sense of, this style is all about bright colors and sharp edges.

3. Bold Colors and Expressive Fonts

Bright colors aren’t just for flat design, though.

They are popping up as their own group of web development trends to watch out for.

Designers are using these to think outside the box and tell a story. They aren’t afraid to use tones outside of typical brand colors anymore.

In fact, they are playing with bold contrasts to make landing pages really come to life. Combine this with the right font, and you could have a truly special website.

Some companies are choosing to stick with classic texts like Serif and Sans Serif. But, they will display them in new, creative ways in 2018. Words might be staggered and stacked, or have a bit of a drop shadow.

Other developers will choose flowy, handwritten-like fonts to get their message across.

4. Color Gradients and White Space

Color contrasts are mentioned above, but there’s a big difference between a saturated layout and a bit of a gradient.

Color gradients can flow across an entire page. Or, this could be used as a subtle detail in logo design and headers or command buttons.

Either way, the shift of the colors create a sense of movement and texture on a landing page.

As great as this is, you can’t go wrong if you choose to stick with white space instead.

But, try to give it a little touch-up. Don’t keep it a classic white. Play with your open area and different options for a colored background.

You’ll be surprised at the difference this can make, even if it’s just a solid color.

5. Broken Grid Layouts

While you’re working with empty spaces, do a double-take of how everything is placed.

You may find that one of the most effective web development trends can be as simple as shifting some elements over. Do something other than a perfect grid or a completely centered display.

Mix up how you place your headers, content, and product options.

You can opt for a split screen feel or an asymmetrical theme to make everything more interesting.

6. Micro-Interactions

After figuring out where everything goes, it’s time to add the final touches.

Something like micro-interactions will do wonders for the overall experience of your website.

A micro-interaction is a task-based engagement with a device. It is a small animation that makes a big difference.

You’re already familiar with what these look like if you’ve double-tapped an Instagram photo and seen the heart pop up. Other examples include the three dots that you see when someone is typing an iMessage, or swiping left or right to scroll song choices.

Each command has a reaction to tell you that you’ve been heard. Users will appreciate this on your website, which can lead to better brand loyalty as time goes on.

7. Scroll-Triggered and Integrated Animation

Animations aren’t just about micro-interactions.

You can use them as users scroll your site. You can even place one somewhere that doesn’t need a command to activate movement.

A scroll-triggered animation can be fun, informative, or part of a call to action. Some companies use this to break the ice, while others want to encourage users into the sales funnel.

Integrated animation, on the other hand, is more for adding a bit of character.

If you run an e-commerce site, create characters that try on your clothes or accessories. If you run a pet grooming store, have an animation of a dog in a bubble bath.

By the way, these don’t have to be complex movements to be effective.

Take Advantage of the Best Web Development Trends in 2018

Understanding web development trends is not the same as implementing them on your website. It takes a strong working knowledge of coding and creativity to bring these tools to life.

Thankfully, our team has these skills and more.

Contact us today to talk about your website’s development opportunities!

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