The Best Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020


  • What if your marketing strategy was outdated from the very beginning? Does it really help your customers?
  • Life moves fast for modern consumers. To get their attention, you need to embrace new digital marketing strategies.
  • Not sure which strategies are the most effective? Here are the best digital marketing strategies for 2020.

Educate With Content

Sumner Redstone (who recently passed away) coined the term that would define an entire era of marketing: content is king. There is no doubt that your customers love content. However, some of it will be more effective than others.

Believe it or not, the most effective digital content is educational in nature. This is content that seeks to inform customers about topics that are both interesting and relevant.

For example, a Youtube video showing creative ways to use your products can help build consumer excitement. And a thorough “Frequently Asked Questions” page can help put customers’ minds at ease before they make a purchase.

This should be the guiding force behind the vast majority of your digital content. Don’t ask yourself if this makes your company look good. Instead, ask a simpler question: does this really help your customers?

Embrace Conversational Marketing

You don’t need a crystal ball to forecast the future of digital marketing. In some cases, you can simply look around and see how people are using technology in new and innovative ways.

One of the biggest changes has been the rise of talking technology. Customers no longer simply type out their queries into a search engine. Instead, they verbalize questions to their smartphones and home devices.

This has opened the door to a new strategy: conversational marketing. This strategy involves using talking tech in a way that organically bridges your business, your customers, and your shared technology.

It may be another 5 years or so before conversational marketing goes mainstream. By getting a start now, you can impress customers while establishing your business as an industry thought leader.

Master Remarketing

Remarketing is one of those digital marketing strategies that is “tried and true.” It consistently brings results, though many companies avoid remarketing campaigns in favor of other strategies.

In reality, remarketing campaigns are the perfect follow-up to your educational content. After that content puts certain customers on your radar, you can target those consumers with a customized remarketing campaign.

Such a campaign is easy to fund via Google Ads and other forms of PPC. And because you only pay for the clicks you receive, this is one of the most affordable digital strategies on this list.

Trust us: if you’re not already doing it, remarketing will be a complete game-changer for your business.

Interactive Video Content

We are well past the point of the digital video marketing. How can your company take things to the next level, then? By embracing interactive video content.

Interactive video can take many forms. One popular form is 360-degree videos. Such videos allow customers to view the video from multiple perspectives and even view the video through a virtual reality lens.

Another popular strategy is interactive video catalogs of products. This allows customers to browse what you have to sell in a dynamic and exciting way.

Interactive video is also perfect for educational content, including training your customers on how to better use your products. The more you can educate them upfront about your products, the more products you can sell.

Livestream Experiences

There is another special category of video marketing that increases in popularity each year. What are we talking about? Livestream video.

Livestreaming is popular among many consumers because it taps into their fear of missing out. And that intense FOMO is largely behind the rising trend of ephemeral marketing.

Any videos that you live stream can work well with other forms of marketing. For example, you can link to live streams on your social media accounts to build hype. And anyone who misses this stream will be that much more interested in the next one!

Digital Lifecycle Marketing

The more things change in digital marketing, the more they stay the same. A great example of this is the rise, fall, and resurrection of the sales funnel.

For years, the funnel was a reliable description of the customer’s experience as they interact with your business. But with the digital marketing revolution, the sales funnel fell by the wayside because it is difficult to predict where a customer will first interact with your brand.

“Difficult,” though, is not the same as “impossible.” Nowadays, lifecycle marketing has replaced the sales funnel as a way of predicting and even controlling your customer journey.

When you emphasize both company goals and the user experience, you can work backward to craft digital strategies and create a cohesive lifecycle marketing approach.

Make It All About Your Customers

Speaking of the customer experience, you need to place customers first when it comes to your content. That is not simply a slogan: most of your digital content should emphasize how it can empower your customers.

Customers are naturally skeptical about traditional marketing. They don’t want to hear bold claims about your business revolution. Instead, they want to know how your product can specifically help them out.

Instead of advertising microphones you sell as having “stunning quality,” try headlines about how this microphone will help to create the next generation of Youtube stars. Customers are naturally drawn towards their chances of success and fame.

By making your audience the hero, you win them over well before they make a purchase.

Start Using Chatbots

With any luck, you already have social media accounts where customers can message your business. Your next step is to add chatbots to your social media and your website.

These bots offer fast, personalized support to customers without overtaxing their own employees. And these bots also gather valuable analytic data from every customer interaction. Such data will help you improve your future products and services.

Artificial intelligence is getting better every year. Why not use this technology to power your company to greater success?

Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020 And Beyond

Now you know about the hottest digital marketing strategies for 2020. But do you know who can help you transform your marketing for 2020 and beyond?

Our company specializes in all things digital marketing, including social media, video marketing, local SEO, and much more. To see what we can do for your business, contact us today!

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