Brands that use video reach more consumers. That’s because people spend 5 times longer viewing video than static content.

First, the appealing moving images and sound grab the viewer’s attention. Next, the video engages people with a simple, clear message.

A good explainer video is entertaining and educational. It shows how your product solves a problem. It works for companies selling simple or complex products.

An engaging video in a social feed introduces your brand to a new audience. In fact, online videos have the highest click-through rate of all digital ad formats.

A video that drives traffic to your website can convert prospects into customers.

Want to add the power of short videos to your marketing toolbox? Keep reading to learn the secrets to an effective explainer video.

Characteristics of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos aren’t the same as other marketing videos. They’re informal and short. They focus on a single message. Here are the main characteristics found in an effective explainer video:

Short In Length

Plan on a video that’s 15 to 90 seconds long. Make sure your value proposition is in the first 30 seconds. Tell people right away how you can help them.

Keep It Simple

Stick to a single message. Tell viewers how and why you can solve their problem.

Stay on Brand

Match your brand identity so viewers make the connection. Use the existing brand colors, logos, and tone.

The animation style should be easy to understand. Use an animation style that matches your business.

Animation can work for a light-hearted brand. Motion pictures work for serious industries like banking and insurance. 3D graphics are useful for architectural and construction brands.

Your brand and budget determine how the video looks and feels.

Keep it Casual

An explainer video is informal and educational. Use a friendly, fun tone to engage your viewers. Use words like “you” and “your.”

Don’t use technical terms people won’t understand. Add some humor to make the video enjoyable.

Music and Sound Effects

Use music and sound effects to set the mood. It should reflect the situation and your brand.

Choose music that touches your audience’s emotions. Use it to help tell the story and increase viewer interest.

Production Quality

Create a high-quality video with superior images and sound. Poor lighting, scratchy sound, and rough images send the wrong message.

Use pictures and graphics that look like things your audience encounter at home or work. Graphics should be age-appropriate and relevant.

Professional Voiceover

Use a professional voiceover artist. The voice should match your brand’s tone. For example, don’t use a comical voice for a serious topic.


Did you know that 85% of viewers on Facebook watch videos without sound? If you advertise on social media, make sure you add subtitles to your video.

Subtitles improve comprehension. Subtitles also give your content a boost in search engine results. Google indexes captions that you add to your videos.

If you want to engage your audience, videos are the best way to attract and keep their attention.

Five Kinds of Explainer Videos

There are five common types of explainer videos. The kind you make depends on your message and audience.

1. Live Action Demonstration

A demo video shows how your product or service works. A live action video works well for a physical product or a people-oriented business.

For example, a restaurant video could show the food, the staff, and happy people in the dining room. A home builder might show consulting with clients before and after the home build.

People enjoy watching other humans. A live action video creates an emotional connection.

2. Animated Explainer Videos

Animated demonstration videos are useful when explaining intangible things, like software.

Videos can mix animation and live action when it’s hard to show the inner workings of a product.

Animated videos often are more creative and colorful than real life. They’re easy to edit and update if a product or service changes.

Whiteboard videos are hand-drawn animation. Everything looks like it’s written on a white board then erased. These videos are popular because they’re inexpensive.

3. Benefits Video

A benefits video explains what consumers gain from working with your company. It could be safety, financial security, comfort or confidence.

A benefits video works in a social media feed and long-term on your company website.

4. Testimonials

Testimonials and reviews add credibility to your brand. Consumers want to see and hear what your customers think of your products.

5. FAQ Videos

Create one or a series of explainer videos that answer common questions. Have a company expert explain the finer details to potential and existing clients.

Post FAQ videos on social media channels and your website. You can add or update FAQ videos as needed.

The Best Ways to Use Your Short Videos

After you create your explainer videos it’s time to release them into the world. Here are the best ways to use (and reuse) your short videos.

Social Media

Share your explainer video on your social media channels. Pin it to the top of your profile for more exposure.

Repeat the posts over time to increase awareness and engagement. People remember information from videos better than plain text.

Social media makes it easy to share a video. Followers are happy to share a fun and engaging video with friends.

Email Campaigns

Add the word video to your subject line can boost open rates by 300%. Be sure to mention the video, then link to it from email marketing campaigns. Retargeting Ads

Get your video in front of people who visit your website. Reach out with retargeting ads if they didn’t take action. Your video could nudge them towards becoming a client.

Sales Leads

Send your explainer video to cold leads. It’s an excellent way to remind potential customers about your products and services.

Don’t forget to say there’s a video in the subject line.

Website Homepage

The homepage of your company website is prime real estate for an explainer video. Feature the video so visitors see it right away. If they’re on your site they want more info.

Landing Pages

Specific pages meant to convert visitors into customers should have explainer videos. One study showed that landing page videos increase conversions by 80%.

An explainer video keeps interested people on your site longer.

Sales Meetings

Make sure your sales staff has all the information. Explainer videos give your team a unified message they can take to clients.

Mobile access to videos allows salespeople to show them when meeting with clients.

Use the Power of Explainer Videos

Video means visibility on the Internet. If you aren’t using short videos to promote your products and services, you’re missing out on customers.

Explainer videos increase conversions, improve search rankings, and keep visitors on the page. A shareable video tells your story again via social shares.

Ready to use video to tell the world about your business? Contact Dymic Digital today to create a video that generates interest in your brand.

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