Are you looking for the hottest social media trends in 2020? You’ve come to the right place.

Content marketing is still at the top of the list for digital marketing strategies. Incorporating social media in your plans leads the way in methods to funnel information from your website out to internet users.

Statistics show there are 4.39 billion people with access to the World Wide Web. Many of them have accounts with more than one social media platform. As a business owner, you need to understand the benefits of having social media in your arsenal.

Get caught up on what’s hot in social media for business. Keep reading for cutting edge social media trends for 2020.

Analyzing Social Media Trends in 2020

As technology continues to advance, new opportunities are unveiled in social media strategies.

Determine which platforms your target audience is most likely to receive your content. See what applications are available and use them to your advantage.

Not all platforms align with every business’s needs. There are techniques and strategies that work well for some industries and not for others.

You do not have to adopt a process simply because it is a hot trend and working successfully for others. Analyze your clientele and review their social behaviors before investing in a new process.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics should be at the heart of your marketing plans. The information that you pull from the “insights” provided by your social media business pages ultimately direct future planning.

Social media platforms that offer marketing opportunities for businesses are improving on the strength of the data they are providing, and understanding these societal trends help companies provide better service to their consumers.

It is even more important to have insights and analytics when your business is investing money in advertising via social media.

Building an Online Community

Social media trends in 2020 include building communities—Facebook has combined its business pages and groups to create a new experience.

Now businesses can create groups that cater to different audiences. A prime example would be the beauty industry. A page can have thousands of subscribers, but people may come for different reasons.

With groups embedded within the page, the business can zero in on those needs and create groups that discuss hair care for example. ie. Another group could be about skincare and another about distributer opportunities.

Groups are another way to grow your audience and your sales leads. If people are engaged in the content they will invite others to join.

Engagement Through Stories

Stories proved to be a success on Instagram, so it was rolled out on Facebook as well. The two platforms combined have seen huge successes. Facebook reports 3 million advertisers used the story format.

Utilizing both Facebook and Instagram allows advertisements to be shown on both platforms.

If you are not familiar with the story format, it is an application that gives prime placement on social media pages to post content for a 24 hour period. The theory being, people are more likely to click on the feature to see what new content is available.

Knowing it may disappear within 24 hours increases their curiosity. The added benefit to businesses is being able to place ads in between user stories.

Finding Niche Influencers

For the past few years, the term social media influencer has come to mean many things. Some people believed it was all about getting someone with a large number of followers to promote your brand. Then it changed to the belief that numbers weren’t as important. In the end, it was their ability to influence people to connect with your brand that carried the most weight.

The new trend for 2020 is to find influencers that represent specific industries. Expect to see the term “niche influencer” more often. By going this route you’re not just looking at popularity, but someone who has expertise and passion about what they are promoting.

User-Generated Content

We all have our thoughts on social media and how it is best used to generate leads for businesses… While some analysts focus on social media influencers, others believe the customer is the biggest asset in building your brand reputation.

User-generated content, or UGC, will be a big social media trend in 2020. With UGC, businesses take content created by users that have purchased their product and share it in the form of a testimony.

Perhaps leveraging the fact that word of mouth will always be the most powerful advertising method.

Got Video?

Video is growing in popularity. Social media trends in 2020 are expanding in the areas of video marketing.

Most platforms today have video applications available. You can upload prepared video(s) or use the live streaming apps that are provided. The biggest video platform for businesses is YouTube.

On YouTube, your business can create a channel and become a part of its partner platform. Not only will you have access to a much larger audience, but you can create a second stream of income.

The current trends in video marketing for businesses include product demonstrations, Q & A sessions, and live streaming conferences and events.

Creativity in Employee Advocacy

Brand advocacy is a mainstay but for 2020 trends the focus will be more on employees. Using employees as brand advocates will prove beneficial because they come from a place of experience.

Using an employee as an advocate is two-fold. First, advocacy is hard to fake. When an employee shows pride in the company they represent it comes through as authentic and genuine.

Second, utilizing employees in your social media campaigns invites your audience to see the human side of your business. Consumers believe if the employee speaks highly of the business it is authentic and trustworthy.

Those Are the Important Trends

The social media trends in 2020 are building upon the successful strategies of past years. Now that analytical data is improving, it is easier to see what is working and what is not.

Do not abandon a process that is giving positive results, simply because it is not on this list.

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