Almost 80% of Americans have at least one social media profile. This means there are billions of potential customers you could gain with a social media marketing campaign.

What’s a social media campaign and how can it impact your business? Promoting your brand through social platforms can boost your sales and create loyal brand ambassadors. Ready to get started? Read on to discover how to create a killer social media marketing campaign!

Why Choose Social Media Marketing?

With over 257 million smartphone users in the US, the user numbers on social media platforms are skyrocketing. Millions of individuals use platforms like Instagram and Twitter on a daily basis to share information.

What do these numbers mean for your business’ health? It means that the success of your business is dependent on its social media presence.

If you’re focusing your digital marketing campaign on social media, you should understand your options. So how do you choose the social media platform that’s best for your marketing campaign?


Facebook has nearly 2.4 billion active users. It’s a popular platform that attracts users from around the globe for its casual and media-heavy atmosphere.

If your business is just starting out, a great starting point is to create a Facebook business page. This will help you get started as you grow your company’s online presence.


This platform is known for its highly visual emphasis. Businesses who use this platform need high-quality photos that captivate their target audience. You can use it to post photos of new products or share behind-the-scenes shots of your team.


Twitter is an easy way for businesses to post regular updates that inform and connect with their audience. Since you’re limited to a 280 character word count, you need great copy that promotes engagement.


Marketing on LinkedIn is a great tactic for B2B companies looking to generate leads. Today’s professionals rely on this platform as a way to connect with other professionals and network to potential clients.

You can post articles on your page that showcase your expertise. Encourage your employees to create LinkedIn profiles and start building a trustworthy presence.

What Is a Social Media Campaign?

This method of campaigning relies on social media platforms as a way to share digital media. Businesses might choose to promote an upcoming new product or boost event attendance by posting photos and videos.

A successful social media marketing campaign will focus on a primary goal. This might include boosting brand awareness or increasing online engagement. A social media marketing campaign can also aim to boost online sales. Your marketing team will need a target goal in order to have a successful campaign.  

Eights Steps to a Killer Social Media Marketing Campaign

A campaign strategy is essential if you want to reap the benefits of a social media marketing campaign. Your strategy should summarize all that you hope to do and achieve through your social platform. Here are eight steps to follow to create a killer campaign.

1. Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. This means your goal will be strategic towards earning an ROI. Establishing your goal will help you know how to approach each platform.

2. Research, Research, Research

A vital step to a successful campaign is knowing your audience and your competition. Research your target audience so that you know the demographic, age, and likes and dislikes. One of the advantages of online marketing is that it allows you to know your customers better.

You should also do research on your competitors to see how they’re handling social media and what they’re targeting. Take a step back and figure out what’s working well in your industry, and what’s not.

3. Decide How to Use Each Platform

You might want to handle customer service on Twitter and product promotion on Instagram. Knowing your goal will help you decide how to target each platform, what to post, and when to post. These social media objectives will streamline your campaign and boost its effectiveness.

4. Create a Content Calendar

Once you know what and when to post, you should build a content calendar to organize everything. This will help you stay on track as your campaign unfolds.

5. Cultivate Visual Content

A key part of your social media campaign is having amazing visuals to post. This is particularly important if you’re focusing on platforms like Instagram that have a visual emphasis. Focus on each image’s aesthetic design and make sure they fit your brand.

6. Set Your Timeline and Schedule

Once you have your visuals lined up, you’ll want to set a start-time and end-time for your campaign. You’ll also need to know when is the best time to post during the day. Use scheduling software to automate your content so that you never miss a post.

7. Manage Your Results

As your campaign continues, keep track of the results every day. What’s working and what’s not? Which platforms are seeing more engagement and which media format is getting the most clicks? You should also be sure to stay on top of customer questions and replies.

8. Test, Review, Improve

Once the data starts coming in, you can use it to compare your campaign against other attempts and find ways of improving. Regular testing will help you understand the best ways of influencing your audience. This will help you refine your marketing strategy for the future.

Start Posting

Using today’s social media platforms is an easy way to promote your business and increase revenue. By establishing a presence on social media, you’re reaching millions of potential customers.

Crafting an amazing social media marketing campaign takes time to perfect. Don’t be afraid to try a new tactic and have fun interacting with your fans through social media.  

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